Sunday, June 26, 2011

Winter clothing - Part 2

Back to the preparation for winter vocation again...

For the first timer like me, a great winter consultant is very much needed sebab dia boleh cerita from A - Z almost everything that i need to know about being in the winter..

Most of the times, when I do my shopping, I will observe and compare the terms of the price and its differ from other place and what makes it different...

Dekat Sogo pun ada winter clothing department. Tapi you've got to help yourself la..Macam thermal wear tu...ada banyak choice..and ada few brands with different prizes and quality..Haaaa...part ni tricky sikit sebab bila yang murah tu...dalam RM50 pun ade.

Boleh confuse juga tapi since I dah survey..and based on my own predictions...hihihi...I decided not to purchase kat sogo..

For those yang memerlukan free consultation on Winter wear ni...boleh la drop by at KOK KONG WINTER WEAR..located at Jalan Loke Yew, KL

Bukan saje nak promote , tapi dekat sini, you've got everything under one roof..Dari luggage, baju, produk Vaseline, Cocoa butter cream...etc...

This is a chinese-own company yang dah 40 years in the winter clothing industry. Try to look for Salem (rasa nyer, he is from Bangladesh or Pakistan)...very informative and helpful.. You'll be surprised..

Lastly, I purchased my long john a.k.a. thermal wear from here

Harga nya dalam RM80+ (adults) RM70 (kids). Material pun berbeza sebab baju ni ade 2 layers of thermal.This type is made from synthetic fibres and sesuai untuk kulit yang sensitif (I sempat try out few by putting my hand in and boleh rase the itchy-thing.

Agak tebal dari kedai lain tapi as long as it meet the purpose...ok jer

Taken from their website : 
Types of Thermal Wear :  Wool/ Synthetic Fibres/ Swandown/ Cotton Wool


This material sticks closely to your pores and protects you from cold air. Please take note that some of you may be irritated by its material due to sensitive skins, especially when indoor temperature is warm.

Synthetic Fibres/ Swandown 

It is made for people who have sensitive skins to woolly. Though it is thicker than wool material garments, it still gives a good and comfortable feel when you wear it.


It is good to absorb sweat. However, you may feel not comfortable when indoor temperature is warm.

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